Patrick Gilliand

Date: Saturday 16th November | Time: 11.15am – 12.15pm

Patrick Gilliland

Paddy Gilliland specialises in high quality astrophotography and processing.

Paddy’s interest in the skies began in the 1970’s during a family holiday – he recalls seeing an unimaginable number of stars, that image clearly left an imprint.   Many years later the dormant memory surfaced leading to the acquisition of his first scope a little over three years ago. In those three years, he has become well known for his innovative approach to processing and consistently producing world class images.

A combination of chance and unrelated attributes have cumulated into a set of skills that are tailor made for astrophotography. 

My work history starting with PC hardware and infrastructure, moving to software development and latterly business process engineering have all served me well in this hobby. The hardware and software skills aided me in setting up my equipment at my modest observatory. The business process engineering has been the foundation to my processing approach. I have developed processes, documented them well and let them evolve and improve. Recently my initial studies in astronomy and cosmology have provided me with some additional perspective and processing direction.

I do seem to have an intuitive feel for the data and how this relates to my desired output. It is tricky to explain intuition – But I do I believe that by helping others develop a solid baseline to their processing approach and helping them understand when and how to deviate from the baseline will help them not only improve but, with time understand the intuition I now benefit from.’ 


Lecture synopsis

 High quality astrophotography and processing.

For this  lecture presentation I will present and end to end walk-through of a previously published target.

While time constrained I will walk through all of my key processing steps demonstrating how the image progresses with each of these steps, Where applicable I will include the use of some of my previous pointers on workflow, detail and colour (Powerpoint of previous presentation will be made available for those who could not attend IAS2017) PixInsight and Photoshop will be used and I will demonstrate how I [unashamedly] take advantage of the each piece of software and is capabilities, including some of the more popular plug-ins. The approach demonstrated will be a useful baseline for those new to the hobby whilst including sufficient detail for the more experienced processes attending.

The session will close with a Q&A but I will be available for any questions that can not be aired in the allotted time, please feel free to come and find me on booth 9.

A sample of Patricks work below, for more full size images on Patricks site