Date: Friday 15th November | Time: 10.00am – 11.00am

Paul Fellows

Paul Fellows is co-presenter if the public open evenings at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge and gives weekly public sky tours and lecture presentations through the year with audiences of 200 plus. He built his first 8” Newtonian telescope at the age of 14 in 1975 as the project for “o-level” astronomy before coming to Cambridge as an undergraduate to study Natural Science and then completed his second degree in Computer Science at the Computer Lab in Cambridge, He also is a regular lecturer on board ship for the Cunard line.

Lecture synopsis

Cosmic Dawn and Destiny

This talk takes a look at the ideas and theories of the origin of the Universe, and the evidence that backs up the modern view including a quick overview of Einstein’s theory of gravity (General Relativity) and what he himself described once as his “greatest blunder” and how now even that idea may turn out to have been right all along pointing the way to Dark Energy and the probable destiny of the whole Universe.