Date: Friday 12th October | Time: 10.00am – 11.00am

Dr Julian Onions



Julian has always had an interest in astronomy over many years, but decided to take it further by studying for a doctorate in astrophysics at Nottingham University.  There he studies computer models of galaxy formation using some of the biggest computers in the world, and builds model universes using mostly dark matter. He is also a keen amateur taking photographs of various astronomical objects, but is brought back to earth by his department colleagues who get to use some of the biggest telescopes yet built with tracking to die for.

Lecture synopsis

“Let’s build a universe!”

Astronomy is a passive subject to study. We sit here with light buckets capturing photons, but we can’t do any experiments, stars and galaxies are far to big to make in the lab, and apart from the Sun, are out of reach of visiting. So we sit and watch.
However, we can build models of them in computers, and plug in the know laws of physics (or even variations), and see how they compare to reality. We can build models of the universe as a whole, galaxies, stars and all manner of things to see if they match up, or make predictions of new things to look for. So in this talk we’ll have a look at how well we are doing making universe, what we can find from them, and what the future holds