Gary Palmer

Date: Friday 14th October | Time:  1.00pm – 2.00pm

Gary Palmer

Gary Palmer is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and assistant director of the Equipment in British Astronomical Association. Gary started small, self-taught – with a simple DSLR camera and free software he used to pursue his hobby. Now with years of experience under his belt, Gary is influential in his field among astronomers and amateurs alike, also working with a number of brands and manufacturers to test up-and-coming equipment.

He shares his in-depth knowledge with his community, writes reviews for magazines and TV, and often shares his incomparable expertise as a guest on worldwide radio shows. His images, which have been published across a variety of media including magazines and online, have been shortlisted and won many competitions.

Gary currently teaches many workshops across the UK and abroad to provide information on equipment, image capturing, and processing.


Lecture synopsis


“High resolution Solar Imaging


Imaging the Sun in High resolution from the UK. We will cover all the problems involved in this and ways to get around our weather conditions using a all types of filters and cameras.

Below a selection of Gary’s High resolution Solar imaging