Date Friday 15th November  Time    2.15pm   3.15pm

Dr Andreea Font

Computational astrophysicist, astrophysics-research-institute,  Liverpool John Mores University

Andreea Font is a computational astrophysicist at Liverpool John Moores University, where she also lectures on the physics of galaxies, relativity and cosmology. Her primary research interest is on the formation of our own Galaxy, the Milky Way. As a simulator, she builds and tests various models of Milky Way-like galaxies on the computer and tries to decipher the actual formation history of our Galaxy by matching these models with the observations.

Lecture Synopsis

Deciphering the formation of the Milky Way

We are currently witnessing a revolution in our understanding the formation of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. This is due mainly to advances in space technology, like the Gaia instrument which is giving us a 3D map of more than 1 billion stars in the Galaxy. In addition to that, computer simulations have become sophisticated enough to model the formation of many spiral galaxies like the Milky Way and put together a scenario for how our Galaxy might have assembled.

“I will present some of the most exciting discoveries that Gaia has made in the past few years and show how these discoveries can help us decipher the history of our Galaxy.”