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Paul Fellows MA FIET FRAS

He holds a Master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and a post-graduate degree in Computer Science, also from Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Twice a winner of the Queen’s award for Technology he was recently presented a lifetime innovation award by Emmanuel College Cambridge.

Quark Stars and Strange Matter. 

The usual story told of the end stage of giant stars is that they either finish up as a neutron star or collapse completely to a black hole. However, in this talk Paul looks at the possibility for other extremely exotic forms of matter which may add to the picture – and how the latest observations seem to back up these ideas.

Dr Andrew Martyn Thornett, M6THO

Dr Andrew Thornett is a General Medical Practitioner in Birmingham with an eclectic interest and passion for all things astronomy. He is a member of the BAA Radio Astronomy Group and Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers in the USA, and of Rosliston Astronomy Group in Derbyshire, and the Astronomical Society of Penang in Malaysia.

Mapping the Milky Way’s arms and demonstrating Dark Matter from your garden.

Would you like to replicate the science behind much of the astronomy headlines? This talk will tell you how to do this for around £200 using readily-available off-the-shelf components. No electronics or amateur radio experience required!



Guest Speaker

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Guest Speaker

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