Date Friday 14th October  Time    4.00pm   5.00pm

Rebecca Smethurst

Becky is a PhD student at the University of Oxford where she is researching how the shapes of galaxies we see today, helps us piece together a picture of the evolution of the Universe. Without classifications of the shapes of these galaxies from the general public on the popular citizen science website Galaxy Zoo, Becky’s PhD would not be possible. An extremely enthusiastic astrophysicist, she participates in a huge amount of outreach, including being crowned the audience winner of the 2014 UK National FameLab competition

Lecture Synopsis

Galaxy Zoo: From the Lab to your Living Room

What if you could do science from the comfort of your own living room? Would you? With Galaxy Zoo that’s now possible, with everyone from age 10 to 110 all involved in cutting edge astrophysical research into the evolution of the Universe. Join one of the team scientists as she journeys through some of the groundbreaking results that have come from this huge public collaboration of over 200,000 people and shows just how powerful the crowd really can be.