Date: Friday 14th October | Time: 11.15am – 12.15pm

Gary Palmer

Gary is one of the leading solar imagers in the world and a Fellow at the Royal Astronomical Society. His images have been widely published across all sorts of media around the world. Prior to that he was mainly a planetary and deep sky imager. Gary now concentrates on imaging the Sun at high resolution and creating large mosaics of the Sun. He also does a lot of “Solar Outreach” bringing solar viewing to a wide range of people and groups. Gary has a wide ranging knowledge of equipment and how to set it up. He also works with large equipment manufacturers, and has provided them images for publication.

Lecture synopsis

Imaging the Sun at high resolution from the UK.


In this lecture we will look at issues that arise with solar imaging using modern equipment and how to solve them. We will also cover some basic Solar imaging processing problems, and give Q&A at end of lecture.

Gary will be available both days of the event doing his Solar outreach work on booth 32/33

Some of Gary’s Solar work from the UK