Date: Saturday 15th October | Time: 11.15am – 12.15pm

Nigel A Ball

Nigel A Ball Photography specialises in night and astronomy based imagery.

Nigel’s interest in  photography began in the 1970’s using firstly film (Ilford FP4) and then later slide (Kodachrome 25 and 64);  developing and printing in a home darkroom with his father who won various Photographic Club awards for his close up photography. His interest in Astronomy began during the Apollo Moon missions back in the late sixties when he used to watch the coverage on the BBC.

I’ve always had a healthy or some say unhealthy interest in Astronomy and in recent times I’ve had more disposable income so I returned to the hobby and in particular Astrophotography and Night scape photography.  I’ve always been interested in Mathematics and Science; I believe most of the natural world can be understood by these two disciplines. Astro and Night Photography allows me to combine my love of Maths, Science and real time software into one! ‘

Nigel was elected to Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2013 for his services to Astrophotography and Public Outreach work with his local Astronomy Society


Lecture synopsis

This lecture, which lasts around 60 minutes provides an overview to the techniques used to capture night images and star trails using a standard off the shelf digital SLR.

The lecture explains the use mobile apps, star charts and tide tables and weather forecasts in the planning phase before moving on to discuss selecting the appropriate camera equipment and lenses. Attendees will also learn basic camera settings enabling them to go out and capture their first night image. There is a wide range of subject matter for the night photographer and example of each type will be shown along with a brief explanation of how these images were captured.

The lecture concludes with an example of processing a star trail image using Photoshop.

Nigel will be on hand for the 2 days of the event in booth 4 Nigel A Ball Photography.