Date: Saturday 15th October | Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Dr Andrew Pontzen

Andrew Pontzen is a lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow at University College London. His research, which won the 2016 RAS Fowler Award, covers a range of topics in galaxy formation and computational cosmology. He is an award-winning science communicator, appearing on TV programmes such as Stargazing Live and Sky at Night, and is a regular guest on BBC radio shows including Inside Science.

Lecture synopsis

Does dark matter exist?
Dark matter is a keystone of our theoretical understanding of the universe — but it’s still stubbornly refusing to show up in our telescopes and particle colliders. Andrew Pontzen will present the evidence that it should be there, discuss what it could be, and explain the way we’re looking for it. Then he’ll ask the critical question: if it doesn’t show up, when do we give up looking?