Date: Saturday 15th October | Time: 10.00am – 11.00am


Due to health problems Heather Has had to withdraw from presenting this lecture

Her close friend Nigel Henbest will now be presenting it for you.

  Heather Couper

Heather Couper is a past President of both the British Astronomical Association and the Society for Popular Astronomy. She is a Fellow of both the Royal Astronomical Society and the Institute of Physics, and a former Millennium Commissioner, for which she was awarded the CBE in 2007. Her contribution to bring astronomy to the general public goes back many years with many hours on main stream television and giving fantastic lectures in all parts of the UK and beyond.

Heather will be available to meet and book sign both days of the show on booth 12.

Lecture synopsis

Cosmic Quest: A History of Astronomy

A stunningly illustrated presentation by Nigel Henbest


Our glorious night sky is the ultimate landscape. But where do we fit in?

 For thousands of years humankind has sought to find our place in the Cosmos. Starting with superstition, astronomy has flourished into the most all-embracing of the sciences. Its progress has been lead by inspirational characters – and outright mavericks! – who have pushed our knowledge of the heavens forward, forever testing the limits of our imagination in the quest to understand the Universe.

This presentation concentrates on the people and personalities who have asked questions about the Cosmos over the millennia.With each question answered, dozens appear as if from nowhere: black holes, dark matter, planets around other stars, and the ultimate future of our Universe. And is there life out there?